Srey Neath Ith

From: Siem Reap Province.


English, Khmer


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    Greetings! I am Srey Neath Ith, a dedicated and passionate educator with over a decade of experience in the classroom. My journey has taken me across various countries, fueling my love for travel and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. As a seasoned English tutor and learning support assistant, I bring a wealth of expertise in time and class management, Microsoft Office Suite proficiency, and a commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment.

    My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in TESOL from Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, coupled with language training at EF International Language Center in Manchester, England. Throughout my career, I have successfully assisted students in diverse settings, from volunteering with SWIM Cambodia NGO to supporting individual learners at Freeland, iCAN British International School, and more.

    I am excited to extend my teaching capabilities to the online realm through this tutoring app. My approach emphasizes personalized learning, adapting activities to meet individual needs, and creating a supportive atmosphere for growth. Whether it's mastering phonics, improving reading comprehension, or tackling math and sciences, I am dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals.

    Join me on this educational journey, where we can explore, learn, and succeed together in a virtual space. Let's make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience!


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    One student USD 120 USD 100
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    Student Group USD 648 USD 540

    Payment to TKL

    1. Local Payment
      1. ABA Bank
        • Name: Hok Sreymom
        • Account No.: 000454403
      2. Wing
        • Tel: 092 60 62 63
      3. True Money
        • Tel: 092 60 62 63
    2. Oversea Payment
      1. Western Union or Money Gram
        • Name: Hok Sreymom
        • Address: #774, St. 02, Chak Angre Krom, P.P. Cambodia.
      2. PayPal (+10%)
        • Email:
      3. Ria (ABA)
    • Name: Hok Sreymom
    • Email:
    • Tel: 092 60 62 63
    • Address: #774, St. 02, Chak Angre Krom, P.P. Cambodia.