Muoychou Chhean

From: Phnom Penh


English, Khmer


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    Hello everyone! My name is Muoychou. I am 20 years old. Nowadays, I am a university student majoring in English. I love teaching because I think that teaching is like sharing what I have known to someone else. As I am Cambodian whose has the official language is Khmer, I really want to share my own language and culture to foreigner. Hoplefully, I can help you learning Khmer language and culture.

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    One student USD 100.00
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    Online class (Skype...) USD 100.00

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    One student USD 190.00
    Two students USD 285.00
    Student Group USD 380.00
    Online class (Skype...) USD 190.00

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    One student USD 270.00
    Two students USD 405.00
    Student Group USD 540.00
    Online class (Skype...) USD 270.00

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