Listening Practice in Cambodian.


  • Intermediate and Advanced level needed.


In this course you will learn nine different videos from Sreymom and each video you will learn more words that Sreymom will show you in the video. Besides these, you will see some places, know some stories and cultures in Cambodia as well. If you would like to improve your listening skill, this course is good for you.
Please enjoy it.

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Table of contents

Lesson 01 : គ្រួសារ - Family Preview
Lesson 02 : ផ្លែឈើ - Fruits
Lesson 03 : ចូលឆ្នាំខ្មែរ - Khmer New Year
Lesson 04 : កៀនស្វាយ - Kien Svay
Lesson 05 : កោះរ៉ុង - Koh Rong (Rong Island)
Lesson 06 : ផ្សារ - Market
Lesson 07 : សាលា - School
Lesson 08 : SHE
Lesson 09 : ផ្លូវ - Street

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