Cambodian Grammar and Phrases - Soft

I have written this book of essential Cambodian grammar and phrases with the intention of giving the reader a handy guide to everyday phrases in everyday situations, in a format which I hope will be easy to use and understand.

First there is a phrase in English, second, a phonetic English rendering of Khmer, then I write the phrase in Khmer, and finally I put the phrase in Khmer syntax.

                                           Have you already eaten rice?

         [ neak nham baay haeuy-nouw? ]


How to say:                      You have eaten rice already?


Khmer can be difficult to pronounce as there are many sounds that don’t exist in English, but Khmer is not a tonal language, which does make things a bit easier. The best thing to do, is to use this book then practice speaking with a native speaker. You’ll find that many Cambodians will be very happy when you speak to them in Khmer.

Another thing that makes Khmer somewhat easier to learn then some other languages, is the simplicity of the grammar. There are no real tenses, or conjugations for gender. Tenses are indicated by saying when an action has taken place or by adding words such as “will” or “already”.

I’ve set the book up in chapters, so that it can be easily referred to in common situations and I would recommend the reader go through the whole book and see if they can find phrases that they think will be useful to them. This will help the user familiarize themselves with some Khmer words and idioms, and I expect will hasten the learning process.

Thank you for using my book and I hope you enjoy your journey in the Khmer language. It is my sincere wish that your stay in our beautiful country is a pleasant one, and that your meetings with friendly Khmer people is made easier with the use of this book.

The Khmer Lesson (TKL),

Table of contents

Khmer Alphabet
Lesson 01 - Pronouns
Lesson 02 - Question with "Yes-No" Answer Preview
Lesson 03 - Question with "...Yet?" , "...Already?"
Lesson 04 - Question with "Wh-...?"
Lesson 05 - Question with "How...?"
Lesson 06 - Question with "Verb To Be - Am, Is, Are"
Lesson 07 - Question with "Can...?"
Lesson 08 - Question with "How Much?"
Lesson 09 - Question with "How Many...?"
Lesson 10 - Tenses
Lesson 11 - How to Use "Negative Form"
Lesson 12 - Making Comparison with "As...As..."
Lesson 13 - Making "Comparative" and "Superlative"
Lesson 14 - How to Use the Word "TO KNOW"
Lesson 15 - How to Use the Word "WANT"
Lesson 01 - Useful Words and Phrases Preview
Lesson 02 - Greeting
Lesson 03 - Number
Lesson 04 - Shopping
Lesson 05 - Asking Places
Lesson 06 - At the Market
Lesson 07 - Self-Introduction
Lesson 08 - At the Restaurant
Lesson 09 - Money Exchange
Lesson 10 - Taking Tuk Tuk or Taxi
Lesson 11 - Buying a Ticket
Lesson 12 - Renting Vehicles
Lesson 13 - Time
Lesson 14 - Booking or Reservation
Lesson 15 - Renting House
Lesson 16 - Relaxing
Lesson 17 - At the Hospital
Lesson 18 - At the Salon Shop
Lesson 19 - At the Garage
Lesson 20 - At the Oil Station
Lesson 21 - Some Khmer Foods You Should Know
Lesson 22 - Taking about the Weather
Lesson 23 - At the Hotel
Lesson 24 - At the Police Station
Lesson 25 - Family
Lesson 26 - Daily Activities
Lesson 27 - Feeling
Lesson 28 - Having Foods

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