Travel is an important part of everyone's life. Travel is fun. We get to meet new people, explore new places and learn about different cultures, and in particular, the languages of other people.
Every year thousands of tourists visits Cambodia. It's normal for some to try and learn a bit of Khmer before their trip. However, some tourists only start learning Khmer once they arrive in Cambodia. They often begin by searching for Khmer language books to help them during their short visit. Unfortunately, there are few Khmer language books written specifically for short-term international visitors. Recognizing this problem, I decided to create this book to help tourists from around the world enjoy their trip and engage more easily with Cambodian people.
This book presents simple sentences and pictures that are useful for tourists in communicating with Cambodian people. Each lesson includes sentences in English, their phonetic transliteration, and the Khmer text. Moreover, through this book visitors will learn the names of the provinces in Cambodia, the various street foods available, and popular tourist destinations around the country.
In addition to reading this book, tourists can also listen to the audio for each lesson which has been uploaded on YouTube.
Finally, I hope that this book will help all international tourists have an enjoyable and happy time traveling in my home, Cambodia.


Table of contents

Contents Preview
Unit 1 - Khmer Alphabet Preview
Unit 2 - Useful Vocabulary and Phrases Preview
Unit 3 - Useful Phrasal Verbs
Unit 4 - Travel and Airport Vocabulary
Unit 5 - Booking a flight
Unit 6 - Checking in
Unit 7 - Customs and Immigration
Unit 8 - Taxi
Unit 9 - Currency exchange
Unit 10 - Numbers
Unit 11 - Asking for and Giving Directions
Unit 12 - Hotel Preview
Unit 13 - Restaurant
Unit 14 - Buying a bus ticket
Unit 15 - Renting a motorcycle
Unit 16 - Shopping and Bargaining
Unit 17 - Shopping for clothes
Unit 18 - City and Provinces in Cambodia
Unit 19 - Best places to visit in Cambodia Preview
Unit 20 - Street Foods in Cambodia

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